Thursday, August 23, 2012

How to Maximize Your Income By Outsourcing

How to Maximize Your Income By Outsourcing

Outsourcing is a great way for a business to maximize income. You simply eliminate the need for one or more employees to perform non-core functions, which then enables a business to use resources that are now free to perform profit-making functions. If you are planning to outsource labor, here’s what you should know about why outsourcing WORKS.

Focus on Core
Small business and individual business owners need to perform lucrative work on a daily basis to earn a profit. Taking the time to perform non-core functions, such as data entry or updating a website, are time consuming and often non-profitable. Money and time can be saved if you outsource these tasks to an outside firm or even a temp agency. This allows a business owner to focus on tasks that include looking for new leads.

Reduce Costs
When additional help is needed, but funds are not available for full-time employees, outsourcing one or more functions is a great way to save money. This enables you to use part-time resources that can be paid on a contracted basis to perform work when it is needed. One function that is typically outsourced for a business is bookkeeping.

Learn New Processes
Outsourcing business functions to an outside firm exposes a business to new techniques and procedures that increase efficiency. This allows a business to develop their own unique processes over time that are based on information that employees have learned from outsourcing. Many useful tools may not have been considered until an outside suggestion was made!

Controlling Expenditures
Cost-cutting is one, but not the only, factor for outsourcing business functions. This will convert fixed costs that you spend into variable costs. Variable costs will allow funds to be used for different business functions. Large expenditures are then typically reduced, which allows you to keep more money and generate profits for your business.

Increase Efficiency
A business that can increase efficiency will save more money and be able to generate revenue. Many small business owners need to realize that not all work can be done in-house. Services that shift the costs of a product or service to customers can typically be outsourced to reduce expenses. Firms that are used for outsourcing are specialists and do not need training to provide the required service. They are also efficient, because time is money.

Labor Costs
Existing labor costs may become a burden for many small business owners. This means that employees may be let go or laid-off, or perhaps hours may be reduced. Replacing employee costs with a specific cost for a third-party service allows you to increase business and revenue for hiring employees in the future.

Starting New Projects
Research for new projects is usually best handled by an outsourced firm. This is crucial if your new project promises to be high risk. These people know how to do research and will get you accurate results.

Level Playing Field
Small business owners typically do not have the scale to compete with larger companies. However, small businesses can typically compensate for this by outsourcing. Services provided by an outside firm may be beneficial, by allowing businesses to perform functions with economies of scale. This is how a small business can both be efficient and offer the same services as bigger companies!

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Monday, August 20, 2012

What's so Amazing about Microsoft NUads?

Microsoft NUads are a form of new advertising. They employ the Xbox Kinect technology to create an interactive advertising experience for the viewer. The ads are rolling out soon, and they will start being seen this fall. Companies hope the ads change the way consumers see advertising and make the experience more interesting.

How Are They Interactive?
The Xbox Kinect can detect facial and body movements, so with this technology, Microsoft NUads will be able to as well. For example, viewers can respond to ads in real time, such as yelling out a response to a poll given on a Camry commercial. But this is just the beginning.

Imagine the various ways advertisers could literally reach out to consumers during commercials. Maybe through these new avenues, brands could get people into commercials again. Microsoft NUads might be able to reverse the loss of interest in TV ads, but what about the ability to fast-forward commercials and record shows on DVR without advertising at all?

Will It Work?
Marketers are taking a big, expensive chance on the ads. Just as an SEO service can improve the response to a website, marketers are hoping that Microsoft NUads will improve the response to commercials. They are hoping by engaging consumers physically, viewers will be more likely to watch the ads and get something from them. They allow viewers to become part of what they’re watching, a Television 2.0, if you will.

Easier For Advertisers
The abilities of the Xbox NUads to allow consumers to participate in ads will also help the advertisers by being able to access information about the users and their tastes. This can help them tailor ads and products in the future and figure out who their demographic is.

A Select Market?
The downside to this new marketing idea is that viewers will only experience NUads if they are watching video with their Xbox. People that don’t have an Xbox or subscribe to those services won’t get in on the new technology. Could this limit the market of NUads to a more narrow demographic?

Xbox is continuing to grow and already has more than 40 million users. Will more people buy the Xbox to get in on the NUads? Microsoft is banking on it. The company is going to try to compete with the cable providers you may already be using.

Microsoft’s plan is to change the way we view television, which is also the plan of Nintendo, who will release its own TV watching device soon, called the Wii U. There are also talks of a new Apple TV coming out in 2013. With so many options, what will viewers opt for? Will interactive commercials swing people to select the Xbox to optimize their viewing experience?

Carl Glasmyre contributed this guest post. Passionate about technology news, she likes writing about everything from interactive TV ads to the best SEO service.